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New Library Proposal

.. Since that time Council has been investigating a range of options for the site, and then in 2014 they acquired the large block of land (the old Forster Primary school site) directly behind the original Civic Precinct site. This opened up the opportunity to jointly develop both sites, which Council have elected to do.

Council is currently developing a DA for the extended site, and has used external contractors to oversee major aspects of this process.

As this is such an important project, it is essential that this development is not rushed. The next twelve months should see good progress on creating an effective framework, and then following that we can expect there to be community consultation as things drill down to the finer detail. No one is putting a timeframe on the project, but Council is committed to see this through. There are some indications that a three-five year timeframe is feasible, with the likelihood that it is closer to the five-year mark.

The good news though, is that Council has moved well passed the "if" stage of the new library and are now down to the "when, what and how" of getting the new facility up and running.

All FOGLLS members look forward to the day we can enter our wonderful new library.

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