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Members Morning Tea
Kaftan Fashion Parade
Forster Library
Monday 30 September
10 am

Megan Sutton recently returned to Australia. She had her business - Anchor House Kaftans - in London and brought her remaining stock back with her.

They will be on sale at close to cost price - $85 - $140.

Fascinating Folk
Forster Library
Saturday 10 August
2 pm

Our Fascinating Folk this year are Claire Pointin who will talk about bee keeping and Rebecca Harper, who reads for audible books will also speak. Our final speakers will be Keith and Robert Pascoe who are alpaca farmers.

Members Morning Tea and AGM
Forster Library
Monday 29 July
10 am

Our guest speaker is Jeff Miller who has an interesting work life on a variety of sailing and commercial boats.

Company of Voices
Forster Library
Saturday 22 June
3 pm

Company of Voices - not a choir, but a group of friends who enjoy singing together. Founded by Musical Director, Leigh Vaughan, the Company shares a love of choral music, and a belief that singing in harmony has the power to lift the human spirit.

This group is always a delight. The cost is $15 which includes a delicious afternoon tea. Please book by calling 6591 7256

Members Morning Tea
ANZAC commemoration
Guest Speaker - Krista Vane
Forster Library
Monday 30 April
10.00 am

Krista Vane will be speaking about nursing in WWI and the experiences of her great aunt.

Trivia Night
Tuncurry Memorial Hall
Saturday 10 November
7.00 pm

Join us for our annual Trivia Night. The cost is $10 which includes supper. Organise a table of 8 or just come along anyway and we will find you a table. Bring your own nibbles and drinks and glasses.

Big Book Avo
Club Forster
Saturday 22 September, 2-5 pm

Books being discussed are:

We need new names by NoViolet Bulawayo
Midnight's children by Salman Rushdie
Our souls at night by Kent Haruf

Fascinating Folk
Monday 24 September, 7.00 pm

Speakers are Cheryl Rodham, Lindy Almond and Hugh Bryan. Cheryl will be speaking about her 2018 trip to Papua New Guinea. Lindy Almond will talk about her 2018 trip to Italy cycling and sailing, and Hugh Bryan will speak about living and working in Doha, Moscow and Azerbaijan 2007-2017.

Author Talk - Lauren Chater
Saturday 13 October, 2.00 pm

Lauren will talk about her book The Lace Weaver

There is no cost and there will be afternoon tea.

Secrets of Ageing Well
Monday 6 August, 10.30 am

Enjoy a morning with Doreen Wilson and John Buttling.

AGM & Members morning tea
Monday 30 July, 10 am

AGM. The Green Cathedral Choir will entertain us. 21st birthday celebration

ANZAC Day celebration
Monday 23 April, 10 am - 12 pm

This year the focus will be on The Western Front. Our speakers will be Charmain Williams, Roger Lynch, Helen Bryan and Jim Fawcett (veteran from WWII).

Author talk - Mick Macron
Monday 30 April, 10.30 - 11.30 am

Mick Macron will be talking about his book How to transform your life.

Book Launch
Isabella the Play

Isabella the Play, the story, the script and the Cell Block Theatre by Maggie Young.

Amy Heague and Kez Hayes

Amy Heague and Kez Hayes are editors of Travel Play Live, an adventure lifestyle publication for women.

Jazz Fine and Mellow

Another favourite annual event - 15th year! The performance this time is a tribute to 'Fats' Waller.

Annual General Meeting & Members Morning Tea
Max Donnellan

Listen to Max Donnellan who will be talking about his experiences working in the early days of the ABC.

Forster Jumping Fleas

Forster Jumping Fleas is a local group of ukulele players.

Fascinating folks

Speakers are Anne Schubert, Linda Thacker and Megan Jones. All are locals with Anne, a Bowen therapist, trainer and instructor, Linda, a podiatrist, and Megan Jones, a yoga teacher and naturopath.

Wendy Borcher
Subject: Daisy Bates

Wendy Borcher is an archivist and researcher who worked for many years with the ABC.

Darcy Wentworth

Darcy Wentworth will be speaking about the life of his famous great great grandfather, William Charles Wentworth

Anne Ditton and Anni Yaringa

Anne and Anni have just been to the Moon Bear Sanctuary at Longqiao near Chengdu in the Sinchuan Province.

Peter Schouten, Wildlife Artist

Peter delights in painting creatures that either cannot or have not been photographed, due to extinction or rarity.

Dennis Scanlon, Bush Poet

Launch of Better Reading Better Communities

The literacy and reading program is now up and running with literacy volunteers working throughout the community and there are even more services in the pipeline.

The Story of Isabella Kelly

This play is based on Mauri Garland's book The Trials of Isabella Mary Kelly : her legend and the truth.

Launch of the Great Lakes Museum's Digital Collection of Photographs
Forster Library.

Writing Competition

The subject for the story is: "A Library is More than Books".

Tim Bowden
Stubborn Buggers

Stubborn Buggers - The survivors of the infamous POW gaol that made Changi look like heaven.


FOGLLS Website Launch

The official launch of the new FOGLLS website will be held at the Great Lakes Library on Tuesday 23 March 2010 at 1.30 pm.

FOGLLS Patron, Dr Romney Newman, will perform the opening ceremony. We shall take the opportunity to thank Malcolm Tompson who constructed the site (at no cost to FOGLLS), Amita Krautloher and Sue Buls who advised the FOGLLS committee, and photographers Craig Mason and Noni Pratt.

Highlights from the Past!

Sat 10 Nov 2018: Trivia Night - Halloween theme

Mon 24 Sept 2018 7 pm: Fascinating folk

Mon 6 Aug 2018 10 am: Secrets of Ageing Well

Mon 30 July 2018 10 am: AGM & 21st FOGLLS birthday

Sat 28 July 2018 2 pm: Company of Voices

Mon 23 April 2018 10 am: ANZAC Day celebration

Mon 30 Jan 2017: Wendy Borcher on Daisy Bates

Mon 29 May 2017: Forster Flying Fleas

Mon 31 Jul 2017: AGM & Max Donnellan, early days of ABC

Sat Oct 2017: Jazz Fine & Mellow

Mon 30 Oct 2017: Amy Heague & Kez Hayes from Travel Play Live

Mon 29 Feb 2016: Moon Bears

Mon 30 May 2016: Members Morning Tea: William Wentworth

2012 Trivia Night

More Highlights from the Past!

Mon 16 Mar 2015: Dead Men Talking

Mon 30 Mar 2015: Launch Better Reading Better Communities

Mon 25 May 2015: Dennis Scanlon, Poet

Sat 21 June 2014: 10th Anniversary Trivia night

Mon 21 July 2014: Author talk: Tim Bowden

Mon 8 Nov: The Story of Isabella Kelly

Mon 10 Nov 2014: Launch of the Great Lakes Museum Digital Photograph Collection

Mon 21 Oct 2013: Author Jaye Ford

Wed 11 Sep 2013: Author Nicole Alexander

2012 Trivia Night 2012 Trivia Night
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